Rubber News  Journal, March 7, 2022

New Approach to Circular Economy for tires.

By Vitaly Khusidman


Tire conversion technologies can be attributed to three generations. Generation 1 mostly was extracting oil from tires. Generation 2 focuses on recovery of carbon black (rCB). And the future Generation 3 recovers and upgrades carbon black. Multiple publications suggest that Generation 2 (i.e. pyrolysis, carbon black) at best is able to exhibit semi-reinforcing in-rubber behavior because it consists of a mix of various grades of carbon black used in different parts of tires, with inorganic impurities and carbonaceous residue, while demonstrating reinforcement level colloidal properties (i.e. “in-rubber performance shift”). G3C technology, a representative of Generation 3, is upgrading rCB and offsetting detrimental effects of “in- rubber performance shift.” The G3C process can produce reinforcing rCB and reduce PAH contents to acceptable levels.

Driving the Sustainability Push: Interview with Vitaly Khusidman, CEO of G3C Technologies

Published by: Chester Energy


"Fighting the perils of climate change and environmental degradation won’t just happen by willing it into being, but through organizations and individuals using their ingenuity to seek out and implement solutions. One such organization looking to solve a slice of these existential dangers is G3C Technologies (G3CT), and one such individual is G3CT’s founder and CEO Vitaly Khusidman."

Chester Energy and Policy

Carbon Black Turns Green: How G3C is Offsetting Emissions in the Tire Industry

Published by: Chester Energy


"Sustainability and mitigation of climate change have rightly become chief concerns across economies, as advocates and entrepreneurs alike recognize not only the existential necessity of preserving the environment and preventing runaway greenhouse gas emissions, but also the business opportunities these trends represent..."

Chester Energy and Policy

G3C Technology – New Life to Old Tires

Published by: Neeta


"Gone are the days when disposing of waste far from an establishment was supposed to be a perfect solution to get rid of waste. Today is the time of environment consciousness. All of us, including businesses and government authorities, are responsible for not polluting our environment by disposing of waste haphazardly. And here again technology comes to our help..."

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G3C Technologies Corporation-a Modus Operandi for Advancement in automation


"Today is the world of technology and people are investing in innovative tasks. Researchers have proved that old tires create a large issue around the globe. The tires can be destroyed in landfills. It will cause serious problem to the soil. It destroys the quality of the land. Some other methods like paving and mulching with shredded tires can pollute the soil and water..."

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Information Technology

G3C Technologies Corporation Gives New LIfe To Old Tires

Published by: Donald Philips


"G3C Technologies Corporation, known as G3CT is a corporation currently based in New Jersey. The goal is to solve environmental problems using a technically superior as well as commercially viable green technology, the Green³ Conversion® (G³C) Technology.  The world will soon have a serious environmental crisis created by scrap tires. But by using the new technology we give new life to old tires..."