Dr. Jamshid Avloni - Scientific Advisor has more than 30 years of experience involving the chemistry of traditional polymers and 23 years in developing electrically conductive polymers and nano materials. From 2014 he started Altinit LLC (consulting) and in 2015 he co-started ConTex LLC (development and manufacturing, smart fabrics and technical textiles). He worked as a CEO of Eeonyx Corporation from 1995 till 2013 where he developed and manufactured electrically conductive materials. Prior to joining Eeonyx Corporation in 1995, he was a Visiting Scientist at the Department of Chemistry of The University of Pennsylvania in the group of Professor Alan G. MacDiarmid (who was awarded a Nobel Prize in chemistry in 2000).
He co-founded and helped to manage Avloni Academy of Music which is one of the finest private music schools in California.

Dr. Jamshid Avloni

Scientific Advisor