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G3C Technologies Georgian Team

Core Team 

Vazha Bujiashvili - Lead, Engineering Group Mr. Bujiashvili holds Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering and has 35+ years hands on experience with design and manufacturing of mechanical equipment and managing multifunctional teams of engineers and technicians. Mr. Bujiashvili plays the key role in the design, fabrication, testing, refining and commissioning of all G3CT equipment built and used in Georgia. He is deeply involved in the equipment testing and provides recommendations for improvements. Mr. Bujiashvili has built a capable team of engineers and technicians, where each person plays his/her own role but is able to replace other team members as needed.

Engineering Group

Georgian Engineering Group led by Vazha Bujiashvili comprised of experienced engineers and technicians with many years of work international and national high-profile projects and proven team work experience in context of G3CT projects. The engineering group includes Giorgi Beruashvili, Gocha Gvelesiani, Giorgi Godibadze, Tamaz Kanchelashvili, Guram Megreli and Vakhtang Peikrishvili

Olga Chudakova - Program Administrator, served as Coordinator of scientific projects - Department of Scientific Program, Chief Specialist of Scientific Projects and Leading Engineer - Department of Planning and Financing of Research Works and Economics of Mining Industry, G. Tsulukidze Mining Institute. 

Dr. Akaki Peikrishvili (PhD, Dipl. Engineer) – Program manager and representative of G3CT in Georgia.  Dr. Peikrishvili is a Chief Scientist of Tavadze Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science (TIMMS) and a member of its Scientific Council. 2001-2018 the coordinator and head of the Office of STCU (www.stcu.intin Georgia. In 1992-1993 he was a visiting scientist at Kernforshungcentrum Karlsruhe, Germany (superconductivity program).

In 1984, 1986, 1989 – he was a visiting scientist at the Helsinki and Tampere Universities of Technology, Finland. Dr. Peikrishvili’s has led, coordinated and/or participated in more than 200 international scientific projects and award contracts, including projects with BNL and LLNL of DOE USA and US Army Research Laboratory. Dr. Peikrishvili is an associated member of Georgian Engineering Academy and Georgian Military Academy. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences and symposiums. Dr. Peikrishvili is Certified Expert on explosive engineering. Dr. Peikrishvili has published more than 120 scientific articles in Georgian and International journals and proceedings in the field of materials science and nanotechnology. He is an author of more than 10 patents.

Dr. Giorgi Tavadze (professor, Dipl. Engineer) – Scientific Adviser.  Dr. Tavadze is a Member of Georgian Academy of Science since 2015, Director of Ferdinand Tavadze Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science (TIMMS) since 2006. In 1997-2005 Dr. Tavadze was the Georgian national coordinator at NATO Research and Technology Organization. In 1992-2004 he was the Head of Research and Technologies Center of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia.  Dr. Tavadze published more than 100 scientific articles in Georgian and International journals and proceedings in the field of materials science and SHS technology. He is an author of more than 50 patents.

Dr. Bagrat Godibadze (PhD, Dipl. Engineer) – Lead, Material Analysis Group.  Dr. Godibadaze is Member of Young Scientists Council of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences, from 2016 to present. 2004 - 2020 He was a senior researcher at G. Tsulukidze Mining Institute’s High-Tech Materials Lab. From 2020 He is a senior researcher of Electron microscopy group at Ferdinand Tavadze Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science (TIMMS). Dr. Godibadze was a key member of 13 international (including NATO, STCU, ISTC and US Dept. of Energy) and 7 national high profile scientific and engineering projects. Dr. Godibadze received his PhD in Metal Process Engineering and Material Science from Georgian Technical University in 2013. Dr. Godibadze published 42 scientific papers and is a frequent speaker at scientific conferences. He Participated in 8 different types of internship events, example: Missouri University of Science and Technology, Materials Research Center, Missouri, Rolla. 1 April – 30 June 2009; KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. 1 April – 27 June 2013; School of Materials Science and Engineering at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, Georgia. 1 February – 31 July 2016. Dr. Godibadze is an author of two patents.