How can we prevent the damaging effect caused by improper disposal of the billions of end-of-life and how can we reuse the old tires to make new tires? A very important question for the modern mankind. The G3C Circular Economy is the answer.

There are a few entities that claim they can convert scrap tires into tire making carbon black with the pyrolysis process - all of them represent Generation 2 Scrap Tire Conversion.  However, due to their inability to produce grades of carbon black needed to build the entire highway tire, the fulfillment of the circular economy by Generation 2 is limited.

Generation 3 Scrap Tire Conversion technologies, by virtue of their potential to replace all grades of carbon black needed for tires, are well positioned to make the  “scrap tire-carbon black-new tire” cycle a perfect circular economy solution.  This solution will benefit the world by reducing environmental damages from exploration for fossil raw material for virgin carbon black production and the pollution caused by carbon black production and improper disposal of scrap tires.

The G3C Circular Economy

We all are used to how water circulates on the earth and in our everyday life.  When water evaporates from the surface of the earth it turns into cloud and eventually return to us when it rains and snows.  Unfortunately, when scrap tires are incinerated, a vicious cloud containing hazardous pollution are floating above the earth surface and come down onto us in a form of ACID RAIN contaminated with harmful for life creatures chemicals. Additionally, incineration of tires causes tremendous amount of carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere, which contributes to the greenhouse effect. Alternative scrap tire disposal methods (i.e. use in playgrounds and road construction) contribute to contamination of the soil and underground waters.