Ground rubber for playground

Share - 23%

Income = $79M


Share - 46%

Income = $722M

Economy Impact


Share - 15%

Income- N/A

Current annual income from scrap tire disposal

Short term economic impact

  • Existing plant upgrades – The modular design of the G3C System allows easy retrofit of the G3C components into existing pyrolysis plants to improve the quality of the rCB product and the operating income. This will substantially improve the plant owners’ financial position and their ability and willingness to increase their plant capacity. 
  • New G3C plants – The urgent need for a good solution for our world’s scrap tire disposal problems, the ever-increasing amount of scrap tires, and the high financial return from the G3C operation assure the rapid and steady growth of the G3C business.  The number of new Generation 3 plants will grow geometrically and the environmental and financial benefit will increase exponentially.

Tire shred for 

road construction

Share - 11%

Income = $18M

Generation 1 Pyrolysis

Share < 1%

Income < $18M

Long term economic impact

  • Improvement of the world’s economy – The traditional lower value scrap tire treatment methods, such as incineration for energy production, will be quickly replaced by the Generation 3 Scrap Tire Conversion Technologies. Based on a conservative assumption that in 30 years 50% of the world’s scrap tires will be treated with Generation 3 tire conversion process and its future derivations, the scrap tire waste-to-wealth production will worth over $3 billion, representing $2.3 billion per year increase to the world economy.
  • Reduction of fossil fuel used for tire making – The reduction of fossil fuel consumption for tire making purposes will increase the supply of fossil fuel for energy production purposes and greatly help the world economy.

Note: Many different sources provide varios market price and volumes numbers, which are often in conflict one with another. Therefore, please treat all numbers provided above as just estimations for illustration purposes only. They provide the order of magnitude but may not be exact or accurate. Please do not base your investments decisions on these numbers.

Annually 1.75 Billion Scrap Tires 

are disposed globally with CAGR = 2.6%