Disruption of the Market by Generation 3 Technologies

The Generation 3 of Tire to Carbon Black Conversion Technologies is creating three NEW and EXCLUSIVE market segments.

  • NEW and EXCLUSIVE Market Segment 1: Carbon Black for Highway Tire Tread

Global Carbon Black Market 2018

The diagram below shows carbon black market broken down by consumer application - not by grade - same CB grade can be used for tire tread and for non-tire rubber or plastic. 

Global carbon black market is growing at an average rate of 2.6% per year.

Carbon Black Market

  • NEW and EXCLUSIVE Market Segment 2: High Grade Carbon Black for Non-Tire Rubber & Plastics

Note: Notch Consulting, Inc. was used as a main source of the market data for this page. Other numbers were obtained from publicly available sources. However, some missing numbers were extrapolated and estimated based on the available data. Therefore, please treat all numbers provided above as just estimations for illustration purposes only. They provide the order of magnitude but may not be exact or accurate. Please do not base your investments decisions on these numbers.

Total CB for Specialty ~900,000 tons

Total Conductive Grades ~14% or 100,000 tons

Average price > $4,000 per tons

Market Segment Size > $400,000,000

  • NEW and EXCLUSIVE Market Segment 3: Specialty Conductive Carbon Black

Total CB for Tires ~9,500,000 tons

Total High Grades ~26% or 2,500,000 tons (includes Car tread and portions of Truck/Bus & Other tread)

(All Car and part of Truck/Bus and Other Tread)

Average price - $1,350 per tons

Market Segment Size = $3,375,000,000

Total CB for Non-tires ~2,400,000 tons

Total High Grades ~63% or 1,500,000 tons

Average price - $1,350 per tons

Market Segment Size = $2,025,000,000