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News Update: September 1, 2021

Independent ACE rubber lab ( in Ohio, USA has compounded rubber samples from a line up various rCB grades produced by G3C process from the same feedstock. ACE has tested physical and dynamic properties of resulting rubber samples. The diagram below shows dynamic rubber testing results (DMA tan delta), where the virgin CB grades (N330, N339 and N220) curves are shown with solid lines and the G3C grades are shown with dotted lines. According to the below diagram, tires made from G3C rCB will demonstrate performance, comparable to tires made from virgin CBs. Additionally, cold weather performance and rolling resistance is expected better for G3C rCB made tires.

The results demonstrated unprecedented for rCB reinforcing performance. G3C rCB is suitable to build the entire new tire, while any other existing pyrolysis rCB can only be used for tire carcass.

This places G3C technology in the leading position in the rCB industry and  makes rCB features desirable for all tire manufacturers.