News Update: February 12, 2021

After 14 months of G3C process experimentation and reactor improvements, G3C rCB has achieved tire tread rubber quality.

In January 2021, the in-rubber performance of the recently developed G3C rCB was tested by Akron Rubber Development Lab (ARDL). The test results showed that the rubber made from 100% of G3C rCB filler demonstrated much superior performance than that made from 100% furnace N774 grade virgin carbon black, and most importantly, it is comparable to the rubber formulated with 100% furnace N330 grade virgin carbon black.

As of today, G3C Technology is the only known tire conversion technology that will convert the entire tire (not just cut off tread part) into tread grade recovered carbon black with no need to remove inorganic impurities (aka ash and sulfur) from the rCB.

This breakthrough development marks a new chapter in the waste tire to rCB industry, and gives the assurance of G3CT’s success in the waste tire to rCB business.

For reference: tire production represents more than 70% of the global carbon black market, which is about US$20 Billion per year.