- Dr. Vitaly Khusidman,

Founder and CEO of G3C Technologies Corporation



Waste To Wealth

G3C Technologies (G3CT) develops and commercializes innovative Waste to Wealth technology for converting scrap tires into high grade Carbon Black suitable for manufacturing various rubber and plastic applications. In addition to carbon black the technology also produces energy for internal needs and for sale .

“G3CT’s GREEN3 CONVERSION® (G3C) Technology (read "triple green conversion technology") is the first implementation of the third generation of the Scrap Tire Conversion Technologies, which can potentially produce any grade of Carbon Black and eventually replace the use of fossil feedstock materials for a large part of Carbon Black production.  Additionally, it will reduce the CO2 emission of Carbon Black production at least by 80%, solve the world’s scrap tire caused environmental problem and generate healthy return for the investors.”

- Raymond F. Riek

R&D Management Consulting, LLC

Former CEO/Founder of Carbolytic Materials Company 

“First evaluations of G3C recovered carbon black are quite promising.  Implied surface area measured with standard ASTM tests indicate an enhanced surface structure which can lead to high performance in rubber products.   Indeed most recovered carbon blacks (rCB) evaluated have performance very similar to carcass grade carbon black (i.e. N550 grades).  G3CT data indicate their rCB may perform as well as tread grade CB’s (i.e. N120, N234) which in turn would promise much higher product and economic value than currently commercial pyrolysis-based rCB’s.   G3CT should be watched closely for further developments and exploitation of this potential.”

- Martin von Wolfersdorff 

Alternative Rubber Fillers - Tire Pyrolysis - Tire Technology

"G3C Technologies have developed a unique thermolysis & refining process which converts mixed end-of-life tire feedstock into gas, oil and high grade recovered carbon black. Carbon char produced by G3C thermolysis is refined to a higher surface area and structure. Then it is enriched in carbon by lowering its ash content. The result is a recovered carbon black with higher structure and higher surface area than even the carbon blacks used in the waste tire feedstock. This technology opens new markets which are currently not accessible for other commercial grades of recovered carbon black, for example conductive applications. I think highly of this technology and the team behind it. I also am very much looking forward to seeing first in-application results.”

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